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About SA Wedding Pros

In serving hundreds of couples like yourselves, we have learned that you bring so much to the "altar" and beyond. You bring a precious past, with your unique journey and experiences. You bring this sweet present moment in which you've decided to honor your love with an event that is the ultimate commitment. You also bring your ideas, hopes and dreams of what that day will look and feel like when it finally arrives. All of this is Your Love Story! We recognize the privilege and responsibility that comes with being entrusted with this special day. There is truly an art to conveying your love story in a way that sets the perfect celebratory tone for you and your guests. Our award winning Wedding Pros have the experience, talents and heart required to bring your memorable story to life from the ceremony to your send off!


We understand that you're probably feeling overwhelmed with the sheer number of things you need to plan and organize.
That’s why most couples start their wedding planning over a year in advance. We make life a lot easier with our services.

Why They Love Us

Roberto & Marissa

PreMarital Counseling

We completed the Enhancing Harmony course and absolutely loved it! We both felt very comfortable and at ease and that we were heard. Audrie kept our sessions fun and thorough, giving us the opportunity to share in a safe space. I truly believe that since we've completed her course, we have found a new part in our relationship that we will carry with us beyond our wedding. Audrie, thank you so much for a wonderful 8 weeks! We loved working with you and can't wait to work with you again soon!

Brittany & Robert

Officiant Service

Elizabeth was professional, sweet and helpful. She made our ceremony just what we wanted it to be.

Thank you!

Vanessa & Isaac

Officiant & Coordination Services

We had the most amazing and memorable experience with San Antonio Wedding Professionals. Elizabeth and Audrie were amazing! I called 5 other officiants before I spoke to Audrie. She was so friendly and made me feel like my special day was also her special day. We communicated back and forth through text and email, amazingly, because of her love for both her business and her clients she made my unrealistic wedding desire a reality. Elizabeth officiated our wedding vows, but she did so much more than that. Elizabeth made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. She took the time out to include our family and children and made us feel like the ceremony and vows she created were created for us and us alone. I can never fully express my gratitude for these two amazing ladies. If you are looking for a service that makes your day memorable this is the company for you! Thank you, Ladies,​ for making my special day happen and for making it so memorable!

Kim & Zeb

Coordination & Officiant Service

Great service! Angel and the team truly thought about the groom and I and spoke wonderful words at our wedding. They were on time to our rehearsal and provided great feed back. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a stress free ceremony.

Katia & Peter

Officiant Service

Audrie did an amazing job in our ceremony, she made it so special and intimate that all our guests loved it. She understood that we wanted a ceremony where love and our union were the center of it, we decided to go non-religious and she delivered. Hire San Antonio Professionals for your wedding ceremony, I assure you will be so happy with them.


We provide the keys and secrets you need to manifest a wedding day that surpasses your wildest hopes and dreams.
We promise a flawless wedding day and give you the opportunity to write your love story.

People Behind the Magic

Audrie is the owner of SA Wedding Pros and is passionate about entrepreneurship, empowering others and helping each couple express their authentic relationship through their wedding celebration. Most would be surprised to know she started her first business in the 3rd grade. She recruited a team to make bookmarks out of bubble gum wrappers during class, to be sold during recess. It all went great until the principal found out and shut down her operation. Many businesses later, her heart led her to the wedding industry. With great care, she selected the best individuals who make up your Wedding Pro Dream Team. Her greatest joy is reading heartfelt reviews from couples after their event expressing their gratitude!


Officiant| Coordinator| PreMarital Counselor

Miranda offers a creative flair that comes from her background in theater. Because your wedding is your “show”, you want a planner and coordinator that understands how to translate your relationship vibe into all the details of your wedding. One of Miranda’s favorite parts of the entire day is that special father-daughter moment that takes place right before she sends you down the aisle! She considers it a huge honor to be part of those behind-the-scene details that most don’t get to see. You can definitely trust someone who manages having 4 dogs at home! She will celebrate your day as if you’ve been bff’s since kindergarten.


Planner & Coordinator

Angel is a professional speaker and a life/spiritual coach. When he is not officiating nuptials, you might find him speaking to doctors on how to improve their private practice, at interfaith churches or giving helpful life tips on Great Day SA. His next speaking goal is to perform amateur stand-up comedy. We'll keep you posted on that! It's true Angel has the right words for each setting but when it comes to marriage vows he says nobody can say it better than the couple and that's his favorite part!


Biligual Officiant| PreMartial Counselor

Tay has worked in the wedding industry part-time for 5 years, and has recently gone full time as a wedding planner & millennial officiant. She brings modern sophistication to any wedding design, with a big healthy splash of fun! She's a stickler for organization and has a strange affinity for completing check lists, making her the perfect person for your wedding dream team. She is also a licensed insurance agent and can take all your event insurance questions. She would love to chat with you about your wedding vision, while sharing some gluten free goodies!

Planner|Millennial Officiant 

Joshua has seen weddings from various angles. He currently enjoys serving as a professional officiant and DJ, but his favorite role was November 2019 as a groom when he married his beautiful wife. His favorite part of a wedding is seeing those anxious nerves transform into blissful joy for each couple. Joshua brings a unique attention to detail and finds ways to add elements to make every wedding special. When he’s not serving couples, he is usually enjoying delicious food, hanging with family, playing basketball and enjoying more delicious food. (The guy likes to eat!)



Elizabeth spent most her life in Puerto Rico & Florida. If there's one thing she loves as much as the beach, it's definitely officiating weddings. Most would be surprised to know she is 100% Latina! Looks can deceive, but the heart tells all. This is why her favorite part of a ceremony is seeing the couple's expressions when their eyes first meet. Couples appreciate the heartfelt words and sweet energy she incorporates. As a certified emotion coach, this comes naturally. Simply name a time & good cappuccino shop, and she'll greet you with a warm smile to chat about your ceremony!


Bilingual Officiant| Coordinator

Sonia is a San Antonio native and wouldn’t have it any other way. She is proud to say that she has lived in every zip code inside Loop 410. (That’s a lot. Look it up!) Sonia is a lover of books, sewing and anything with a tinge of spontaneity. That is what makes her the officiant you want by your side during your “I do’s”. If you thought everything always goes as planned during ceremonies, I’m sorry to tell you different. Sonia actually enjoys turning those unexpected moments into your favorite memories of the day. Besides that, she’s super warm and fun!




Please select the services you're interested in and provide your contact infomation below. We will get back to you within one business day to give you a quote and set up a consultation. Too excited to wait? Cool, just call us today! 701 N. Alamo, San Antonio, TX | info@saweddingpros.com | 210 504.9009

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